What To Expect

You will find our Sunday morning services to be both inviting and challenging. We show God’s significance and majesty through singing, prayer, offering, preaching and listening, and catching up with one another over the course of about 80 minutes.

What About My Kids?

All children come into the main service with you. They will sing and worship with the whole congregation, then they’ll be prayed over and sent to Children’s Church. You can pick up your elementary age children in Room 309 after service; and preschool children (ages 2-5) in Room 302. There are also Sunday Schools for our kids, broken down by grades, through sixth grade.

What if My Baby Starts Crying?

Babies cry and scream, and we totally get it, but if you still want to be alone with your child, we do have a cry room just behind the sanctuary.

What Do I Wear?

Whatever you want. Some wear jeans and t-shirts, some dress up with jackets and ties, and some where shorts – it’s up to you.

What if I Want More Info?

You can ask any questions you want by e-mailing churchoffice@christchurchepc.com

We're making some exciting updates to the website. The website you're used to seeing can still be found here: https://www.christchurchepc.com/archive/