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The Reformed faith and Calvinistic theology flow with the power of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. How does a reformed church exercise and govern the spiritual gifts today? Can any follower of Jesus flow with the power of the Holy Spirit? Reformed With Power is an apologetic and guide for the use of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Throughout his years in ministry, Tom Pitman has had fellow reformed pastors and church members ask him about the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. Through this work, he illustrates biblically, historically and logistically how the Holy Spirit has been actively using His gifts throughout time and how important they are for today.



EPC Links

Evangelical Presbyterian Church:  The website of our denomination with information about our churches throughout the nation as well as applicable documents.

Presbytery of the MidAtlantic:  Our presbytery’s website with news about churches and information for upcoming meetings.


Study Links

Have You Experienced the Empowering Presence of the Holy Spirit?: This is a wonderful overview of our church’s understanding of the baptism of the Holy Spirit compiled by one of our beloved former pastors, Bill Hyer.

Bible Study Tools:  A fantastic site with an online Bible search, commentaries, encyclopedias, dictionaries, parallel Bible and Interlinear Bible.

Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology:  This is a shortcut to an amazing dictionary at the Bible Study Tools site.  You will find definitions to words like atonement, election, propitiation, etc.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library:  Do you need to research the writings of historic Christian leaders and theologian such as the Early Church Fathers, St. Augustine, John Calvin or John Knox?  Select the research icon and input a name.


Spirit-filled Links

Elijah List:  A website with daily prophetic, worship and intercessory content.  You will find articles and prophetic words from Bobby Conner, Cindy Jacobs, James Goll, Bob Jones, and many others.  You can also purchase books and recordings from their online store.

Streams Ministries International Online (John Paul Jackson):  John Paul’s ministry is wonderful.  At this site you find his teachings to equip you for following God.  Definitely try an episode of Awe TV.


Reformed Theology Links

Monergism:  A reformed website that includes written sermons and mp3s of some of the greatest reformed theologians of our time. The website includes information on reformed doctrine, false religions, heresies, as well as insightful information on biblical passages. The website is a great resource tool for studying and understanding the Word of God.  Click the following link to access the website.