Game Changers



Welcome to the Game Changers’ Locker Room,

We’re so thrilled that you’re interested in serving families with us! Our goal for you is to be engaged in ministry but to never feel used. One way that we’ll fight that is by fighting for your joy in Christ as much as we can. God calls us to great things in him and his kingdom but motivates us with love, and that’s what we want to do for you. We want for you to continue to grow in trusting and treasuring God, because he is the greatest treasure of all virtue and glory and joy. But that’s not all – our goal is for you to taste and see that the Lord is good, then tell others about it. So we’ll focus on his greatness and show you how to serve and exist joyfully in Refuge City!

We envision Game Changers, both volunteers and interns, creating a support network for families to lean on and that partner with the ministry to create attractive, substantial experiences for our students. We see Game Changers fluent in the gospel and developed to engage students in small groups, to host and lead events, and to welcome students into the life of Refuge City.


This is our main hub for information and training. You can walk through each link in the order they’re presented in – just click on the colored text, and it will take you were you need to go!

The initial training series can be found here: Game Changer Training Videos

Our Host Team Calendar and Sign-Up can be found here: Host Team 2016

Important Forms: Commitment and Background Check

In the event that you don’t have my contact information, you can email me at or call at 281-798-6420

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