Children’s Ministry


By the grace of God, we will assist families in growing the children’s love for Jesus and each other, so that their love may overflow to a lost world.

Revelation: The purpose of Christ Church Children’s Ministry is to intentionally come alongside families in the spiritual nurture of their children. By the grace of God, caring and devoted teachers will consistently seek to creatively make the beauty of God more visible and the Word of God applicable to the children’s daily lives.

Salvation/Spiritual Growth: We will consistently help children see their need for a Savior and the importance of his Lordship in their lives. We will regularly and lovingly call children to repentance from sin and trust in the saving work of Jesus Christ– for salvation as well as for spiritual growth. We will seek to be godly examples, teaching and modeling God’s truth as we live our faith among them.

Redemption Story: We will take seriously our responsibility to assist parents in equipping the children to know God and His Word. It is our desire to help them learn to discern truth from error. It is vital that the children understand God’s redemptive story from beginning to end and acknowledge that in each biblical story, God is always the hero. He is the main character whether His name is mentioned or not. In the Old Testament, we want the children to learn that “every story whispers Jesus’ name”* as we anticipate and thrill at His incarnation in the New Testament and the hope of His second coming. (*subtitle from The Jesus Story Bible, by Sally Lloyd-Jones.)

Prayer: We will promote the importance of communication with God in prayer (talking and listening), Bible reading, scripture memorization/meditation, worship, evangelism, and warfare.

Warfare: We want the children to understand that believers have enemies (the world, the flesh, and the devil) so that they learn at an early age how to recognize what is of God and what is not.

Evangelism: It is essential that they are taught the importance of sharing their faith and given tools and opportunities to do so. Outreach opportunities will be offered to equip them for evangelism.

Spiritual Gifts: We realize that many of the children have already come to faith and are our younger brothers and sisters in Christ, possessing budding gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is our desire to see them brought to maturity in their faith and the use of their spiritual gifts. The children are a vital and valuable part of the life and worship of our church family.


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Laura Putnam is the director of our kids ministries. She has a big heart for kids and her passion is to see them nurtured with God’s love and truth.

Laura and her wonderful husband, Bill, have 8 children,  2 more by marriage and two grandchildren. Their kids ages range from toddler to twenty something with spouses. All love Jesus and follow Him. Many are involved with our church family. Laura has been teaching k-12 for over twenty five years – her love for kids to learn and apply themselves is evident.

Laura enjoys organizing various activities that are fun and inspiring for our Christ Church kids, as well as equipping them to minister to others.

The kids ministries are blessed with Laura and the many church volunteers who teach and help in many ways.

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